Qtel offers discount on voice, video calls

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Qtel offers discount on voice, video calls

Post by eltax on 2008-09-01, 09:12

Published: Monday, 1 September, 2008, 01:41 AM Doha Time

Qtel has announced a 50% discount on local voice and video calls between 9pm and 6am every day during Ramadan.
The offer is applicable for all post-paid and pre-paid mobile connection and landline customers, Qtel said yesterday.
“The timings for the promotion were decided following a consultation process with customers across Qatar, which looked to understand people’s specific needs and preferred periods for tariff reductions,” it said.
Qtel’s research showed that a high volume of customers wanted a reduction on call rates for the time following the Taraweeh prayers, the special evening prayers performed during Ramadan. For many Muslims, this was seen as the most likely time when they would be calling family and friends.
Adel al-Mutawa, Qtel executive director (Group Communications) said: “Ramadan is a time to bring people closer together. We felt it was particularly important to have an initiative that made people feel they could take the time to talk to their friends and families. By reducing the tariff in this manner, Qtel is sharing the costs with our customers and, we hope, sharing the experience of the holy month with them.”
In addition to the call reduction, Qtel has also developed a wide range of special services and initiatives for Ramadan. It has already extended its Prayer Timing Alert service, which sends people an automatic reminder of the specific prayer timings for each day. In addition, the service provider is set to utilise its advanced multimedia services to provide people with religious content throughout Ramadan.
Qtel is also involved in a broad number of special community and charitable projects.
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