Do you wish to return to work in Malaysia?

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Do you wish to return to work in Malaysia?

Post by Nigel on 2008-08-24, 19:12

I run a Kuala Lumpur based recruitment company and this week I am in Doha until August 30th.

I am speaking with a range of Malaysians to understand who may be open to returning to live and work (say in next 12-18 months) in Malaysia (or SE Asia) if the role & salary package were attractive enough.

I would very much like to speak with you (in confidence) to hear your thoughts particularly in terms of the kind of remuneration/salary, children's schooling issues that need to be taken into account.

Could you share with me your tel. contact numbers and also the email address that we can communicate through? I am contactable via this email and this week on 4691382 & 6860830 (I am staying with Malaysian friends in Doha).

Unlike Hess, I do not come here with specific job roles or precise client needs. I am simply hear to better understand how I can help any of you wishing to return and most importantly to understand the salary/packages issues/needs.

Later in Kuala Lumpur, I can then start finding out which of my many oil & gas clients would be willing to fill some of their key & urgent roles with returning Malaysians. Most importantly I will be able to negotiate, for you, the ranges of salary/package that a company will need to offer a returning Malaysian to be able to attract them to leave their work in the Gulf.

The range of possible roles open to returning Malaysians is quite broad but the following key roles for sure are ones that should be available to you:

- Process Engineers;
- Geologists;
- Petrophysicists;
- Reservoir Engineers;
- Geophysicists;
- Drilling Engineers.

You can learn more about my company and I at the weblinks in my email signature below.


Nigel Cumberland
STG Consulting Sdn Bhd - Sourcing Talent Globally
Tel: +6012 3831430
Skype: nigelcumberland

Office Address:
2.01, 2/F, The Gateway
The Ampwalk,
218 Jalan Ampang
50450 Kuala Lumpur


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