How to become a Verified Member?

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How to become a Verified Member? Empty How to become a Verified Member?

Post by malaysiaqatar on 2008-08-14, 08:26

As all forum postings are not moderated, in order to avoid spams and unsolicited postings, we have created 2 members classification i.e. IDENTIFIED MEMBERS and VERIFIED MEMBERS.

IDENTIFIED MEMBERS - Anonymous members who have been identified from his/her postings which are found to be related and in line with this FREE Forum objective.

VERIFIED MEMBERS - Members who real name and contact no. is known to Forum Admin. He/She may post in Announcement section. Members who are interested to become VERIFIED MEMBERS can apply by sending his/her name and contact no. by PM to admin or malaysiaqatar or email to

If you do not wish to join any of the above membership categories, you can just continue to contribute and participate in this FREE forum as usual without any problem.

Any suggestions for the improvement and betterment of this FREE Forum are most welcome.

Thanks and best regards.

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